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Team: Yoni Geva

An online film market and social platform for filmmakers, executives and distributers.

What I did: Leading the research, UX / UI  for this online market. Creating all prototypes, user testing and final designs. 


The film industry is built around film festivals, where filmmakers, producers and distributors meet each other and find projects to collaborate on in the future. These professionals don't have another easy interface through which to find joint opportunities.


An online marketplace where filmmakers can present films, producers and distributors can sift through interesting projects and connections can be made through the platform. 


1. Competitive analysis

We needed to assess and map the strengths, weaknesses and features of products competing in similar fields. The lack of "social" emphasis in competing platforms guided us to center on those features in our design. 

UX website ppt.001.jpg

2. Real world research

I went to various film festivals, production companies and film funds to observe future users in their environments, assess their needs, pains and mental flow. We then created user scenario's to hone in on features our tool could provide.

cartoon strip 1.png

INSIGHT - The incident above gave way to creating a "company login" feature which enables users to see which projects have been read  by others in their organization. 

3. Compilation of user personas 

We created personas representing the different user groups, as well as ranking their importance. This model helped us understand the relevance of product features and assisted in mapping out how and where to place them in the final design. 

UX website ppt.002.jpg

INSIGHT - Using the persona of Raj Gupta and realising his importance to the site, brought us to create separate profile pages for Film Funds

Film Fund profile.png

4. Product map

We were now able to visually map the pages and features of our platform


5. Defining the app - Sketching and prototyping

Hand drawn sketches enabled a quick visualization of the product, as well as instant testing on real life users. By creating interactive prototypes, we were able to run usability tests and improve the flow before moving on to the design phase. 

New stages.001.jpg

6. Design

After the prototypes proved themselves, I was able to move on to designing the platform. Adding branding colors, logo's and images until the final design was complete.

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CR portfolio.002.jpg
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